Vision, Strategy & Culture

If you have a well crafted vision or mission statement that is in the annual report and framed on office walls and that's it, then no, we aren't for you.

If on the other hand, you want to bring your vision alive, have motivational leaders and energise all employees to work towards corporate objectives with an inspiring culture, then yes we are definitely for you. More information »



Team Building

Do some members of your team rarely speak up, while others dominate discussions? Does there seem to be constant unresolved conflict in the team that gets in the way of its effective functioning? Is the team often sidetracked so that tasks are not completed and goals not achieved?

If you are experiencing any of these team building issues, then we can help. More information »



Leadership Development

Are you clear on your leadership needs and could use help with designing and implementing a leadership program to meet those needs? Do you have a leadership program in place and not sure of the next steps or need to revitalize it?

If your organisation needs a leadership development program or you require other people development solutions, we can help. More information »



Career Coaching

Like a new career direction, but don't know where to start? Want to progress at work and need help? Thinking of starting your own business?

Talents - everyone has them, many hide or deny them, some just don't get to discover them, but they are there. It often takes a talented career coach to bring them out so that you can use and delight in them.

I help people who aren't happy in their work to discover their personal strengths and interests and match them to the market place so that they end up with a job that they truly love. More information »



Career Assessment Tools

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